Efficient. Affordable. Effective. IRYGEN Self Cleaning Centrifugal Filtration Systems.

  • Self Cleaning Centrifugal filtration systems use tequatic technology for efficient separation of high Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in liquids.
  • Designed to handle high TSS levels of 10,000 mg/l due to fibers, fats/oils, and greases with filtration performance removal down to 15-20 micron.
  • Modular systems can be manifolded for higher flow rates.
  • Designed specifically for high TSS industrial and municipal effluents with no need for backwashing cycle
  • Huge water cost savings
  • Lower OPEX costs due to less use of downstream chemicals and consumables for secondary/tertiary treatment systems

Reduce operating costs while increasing downstream treatment systems.

Operating expenses tend to rise when chemical consumption costs rise, which is often due to high suspended solids concentrations in wastewater streams. Reduce chemical consumption while empowering your downstream treatment systems to operate more efficiently and effectively and at typically lower operating cost with IRYGEN optimized filtration system.

How does it work?

Centrifugal filtration is a mechanical method of eliminating suspended solids from a source water stream using a centrifuge.

This self cleaning configuration provides specific capabilities to filter high levels of total suspended solids (TSS) up to 10,000mg/l in a wastewater stream even in the presence of trace oils/greases, fibers without back washing water requirements.

In wastewater treatment applications, these solids may range from silt and dirt to organics and plant material.


Integrated tequatic filtration technology provides efficient solid liquid separation of high suspended solids wastewater sources.

These modular filtration systems can provide filtration efficiencies down to 15-30 micron, and they can be manifolded for typical flow rates ranging from 50 gpm (250 m3/d) to 4800 gpm (26,000 m3/d).

IRYGEN self cleaning centrifugal filter systems are designed to meet the specific and unique challenges of industrial and decentralized municipal wastewater treatment utilities requiring a solution to treat high TSS levels without back washing cycles.

The OPEX cost savings are noticed by implementing these systems in pre and post treatment applications for solids reduction, which have led to significant reductions of downstream chemicals and consumables for secondary/tertiary treatment systems such as dissolved air flotation systems.

Where are these systems best deployed?

These systems are best deployed to improve operation filtration performance efficiency within the following industries:

  • Energy
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Textile
  • Pulp / Paper
  • Food / Beverage
  • General Industrial
  • Decentralized Domestic Wastewater Treatment Utilities

These systems typically require solids particle size to be less than 1/12 inch or 2000 micron. Therefore, source wastewater with large particle solids should be prescreened first for optimized filtration performance.

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