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Environmental sustainability for future generations requires the reasonable use of potable water resources. This also requires optimized treatment of industrial and domestic waste water discharged into the natural environment.

At IRYGEN, we envision a future in which safe, sustainable drinking water and waste water treatment is available to all people across the Indian subcontinent to prevent water borne disease and enhance the productivity of civil society.

Using this goal as our guide we recruit outstanding college graduates and seasoned professionals to join our water treatment team, that share our company vision, mission and values.

Our culture fosters collaboration and innovation, honesty, integrity, sense of commitment and empowerment with accountability. We look for versatile employees who are willing to grow with us.

With a strong team and sense of mutual commitment to do the best in all we do, IRYGEN  intends to shape the global sustainable water community across India.

We look forward to continuing to push ourselves to be a resource that our clients, affiliates and channel partners can always depend on to meet their water treatment challenges with innovation sustainable solutions.

As one of the innovative and specialized companies in our industry and a recognized leader in advanced sustainable water solutions for industrial waste water reuse and potable water applications, IRYGEN  offers engaging water treatment careers in engineering, operations, design, marketing, sales management, and administrative support in India.

Currently seeking qualified candidates.


We regularly update our Careers webpage with available career opportunities as they become available.

Join us to join the journey to shape the future of sustainable water treatment across the Indian subcontinent. If you have the skills and want to become apart of a challenging, passionate and growing Indian team, send us your resume and cover letter.