Manufacturing companies today operate in an increasingly challenging environment in which industrial water treatment is critically important.

These challenges include, meeting environmental obligations, optimizing operational efficiency, and cutting operational and maintenance costs.

Additional challenges include the effects of water scarcity and the increasingly stringent effluent discharge regulations on your water-intensive manufacturing operations in India.

Effectively managing, reusing and recycling process water and wastewater is one way that has a triple benefit to our industrial clients. These benefits include, reduction of discharge costs, reduction of source water costs, and the positive impact on the environment.

Water and wastewater treatment & reuse involves specifically treating water to certain water quality parameters.

This industrial source water typically often contains a range of chemical contaminants, dissolved solids, suspended solids, organic and mineral compounds, metals, solvents, salts, BOD, COD among other potential constituents in various levels of toxicity. Due to the complexity and the water quality requirements required, a specific treatment approach is required for each wastewater type by industry and application.

IRYGEN provides proven technologies and process optimization consulting engineering services to assist you in handling your industrial process water and wastewater for regulatory compliant discharge or reuse.

We work with our affiliates to solve the water & wastewater treatment issues of leading industrial companies in several sectors including textile, paint/chemicals, metals, pharmaceuticals, pulp/paper, and manufacturing among others.

Featured below are the specialized IRYGEN solutions to assist your industrial organization in handling your water treatment & reuse goals, while protecting the environments and communities in which you operate.

We can help you improve your industrial companies water treatment operations.

IRYGEN has the application expertise, and knowledge to provide process optimization services and advanced, sustainable water treatment solutions for industrial companies. These treatment solutions can be integrated into a new or existing water treatment process to optimize water quality to meet your specific requirements.

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