IRYGEN strives to be a leading supplier of specialized water treatment media for municipal, commercial and industrial applications across the Indian subcontinent.


Our specific water treatment medias and flocculants resolve specific water treatment/wastewater treatment needs.

These medias comply with AWWA standards for drinking water purposes and have the requisite NSF international certification as required for these purposes.

We assist clients throughout the Indian subcontinent through our affiliate network, serving the needs of water utilities and industrial companies including several Fortune 500 multinational companies.

Water Treatment Media

Anthracite Water Filtration Media

Our Anthracite water treatment media is commonly used as a component filtration media that is used in existing multi-media gravity filter applications for water treatment and reclamation purposes.

Anthracite is a durable media with long life and a wide temperature range. This media contains no silica to interfere in the production of ultra pure water and is mined in the Northeast, USA.

Available in pallet quantities/truckload/container quantities in 1 cf bags 50-52lb/23 kg or 1 ton sacks.

Activated Carbon Water Filtration Media

Our Coconut Shell Activated carbon media is available in granular form in the following mesh sizes, 8×30 mesh, 12×40 mesh, and 20×50 mesh for liquid water purification. Our coconut shell activated carbon media is used in both commercial/industrial process water, to remove trace hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, low weight organics such as BTEX, color, and pesticides. It is also used in municipal applications for the removal of chlorine odor/taste in potable water treatment applications.

Available in minimum pallet quantities/truckload/container quantities in 28lb/12.5 kg bags.

NatZeo Filtration Media

NatZeo treatment media is a low-density, natural and environmentally friendly media typically used in gravity or pressure filters for both drinking water filtration, process water and wastewater reclamation applications. This media provides higher filtration performance, reducing sediment levels to around the 5 micron filtration range.

This water treatment media provides significantly greater solids loading capacity of sand and multimedia filter configurations allowing for extended backwash cycle frequencies which reduce operating and maintenance costs and water usage for backwash cycles. The media also has a high CEC (cation exchange capacity) for removal of charged contaminants such as certain trace metals, solids, and trace ammonia in the source water.

NSF 61 pending certification for drinking water, FDA General Recognized As Safe (GRAS) Compliant.

Available in minimum pallet quantities/truckload/container quantities in 50lb/ 22.72 kg bags, or 1 ton or metric ton sacks


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