How can you reduce your carbon footprint while fighting water scarcity?

The Seawater Reverse Osmosis Process involves three water streams.

  • Sea water intake source
  • Product / Permeate water of low salt content
  • Concentrate water of high salt content

There are five basic stages to the sea water desalination process

  • Open Intake ocean Water / Coast or Beach Well Feed Water
  • Pre-Treatment – Filtration/ Anti-scalant Dosage (Intake Basin Disinfection, Clarification, Filtration, Polishing Cartridge Filtration)
  • Reverse Osmosis Process
  • Post Treatment – Remineralization / Genclean Disinfection
  • Treated Water Storage/ Distribution
  • Reverse Osmosis Brine Discharge To Sea
Advantages / Benefits
  • Irygen as technical partner, has extensive experience in providing process engineering services for sea water
    reverse osmosis desalination plants that are designed, engineered and custom built based on a specific
    water analysis provided by the client to meet their specific water needs.
  • Irygen sea water desalination modular systems for water utilities as well as commercial/industrial applications utilize advanced energy recovery devices, nano-composite membranes, our unique DLP series nano fiber cartridge filtration and Genclean pretreatment, optimize permeate water quality, and provide higher water production while reducing operational costs and footprint.
  • Lower capital outlay, operating and maintenance costs
  • Essential for High TDS Sea Water Conditions.
  • Typical TDS Level After Treatment < 500ppm TDS meeting WHO/EPA standards.
  • Treatment process is very effective in the removal of colloidal particles, viruses, dissolved organic ions and inorganic particles.

Treating seawater or brackish well water with reverse osmosis desalination means building a better world for everyone. It also helps make your carbon footprint substantially lighter. IRYGEN/GWT helps organizations bring clean water throughout the Indian sub continent.

Many in the world take drinking water for granted. Without specialized desalination projects, coastal and island communities as well as coastal resorts across India could never meet their drinking water requirements. Of course, making drinking water is complicated, can be costly, and often requires a high degree of upkeep.

That’s where we come in.

IRYGEN's parent company, Genesis Water Technologies has for years been the proud designer and supplier for high-capacity, high-efficiency modular seawater and highly brackish well water reverse osmosis desalination systems that bring drinking water to the world.

IRYGEN empowers Indian municipalities and other sectors to provide drinking water for their growing populations.

Fully automated desalination plants. Real-time monitoring. Full-stack technical support.

And whether you need 500 m3/d or you need 100,000 m3/d, IRYGEN has you covered in both designing, engineering, and integrating your perfect seawater desalination system.

What desalination systems would your ideal water treatment approach include?

  • Energy efficient and environmentally conscious feed water intakes and brine discharge.
  • Specialized Zeoturb & (GenClean) Pretreatment
  • The latest in low fouling Nano Composite RO Membrane Technology
  • Post Remineralization & Disinfection

The Proven Optimized Desalination Solution

Every day across India, water treatment solutions are becoming more efficient, more affordable, and easier to use. We are passionate about empowering municipalities and other sectors to tackle their specific potable water desalination problems. Reach out to schedule a call, to tell us about what your water treatment challenges, and to learn whether our specialized seawater and highly brackish well desalination solutions can help you overcome them.

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