Specialised Electrocoagulation is an Electromechanical technique using short wave electrolysis to coagulate and precipitate out large quantities of locally charged and

colloidal contaminants from water source in one continuous batch operation. Irygen utilises sets of electrically charged metallic electrodes to accomplish one

of the most important physio-chemical reactions used in water & wastewater treatment, coagulation

The cost benefits in using Irygen specialised EC technology are typically significantly less than conventional chemical coagulation when accounting for the labour savings, reduction in sludge and disposal costs as EC sludge passes TCLP tests for non hazardous material disposal. In addition Irygen EC technologically typically provides higher quality effluent post clarification treatment

Irygen EC treatment systems are typically utilised after screen pre treatment and a grit chamber. However it can also be used in a secondary polishing treatment application for the treatment of heavy metals or other specific contaminants prior to clarification or filtration

Services Offered:

Lab/Bench Treatability Testing Services with Validation by Third Party Lab


These systems are modular systems designed based on the treatment application.
Typical flow rates from 10 gpm (50 m3/d)-2500 gpm (13,500 m3/d)


  • Can be controlled via process automation for simpler operations
  • Compact System Solution Footprint
  • Quick reaction rates via continuous batch operation to optimized reaction time
  • Optimized for multi-contaminant removal in one process from a water stream
  • Removes/Breaks emulsified contaminants
  • Reduced OPEX costs including labor input costs & sludge disposal costs
  • Pretreatment for Membrane Systems for Water Reuse Applications
Table with Typical Testing Results Specialized Electrocoagulation
Contaminant Specialized EC Chemical Coagulation Sedimentation Itself
Total Suspended Solids (TSS) 95-99% Reduction 80-90% Reduction 50-70% Reduction
BOD 60-88% Reduction 50-80% Reduction 25-40% Reduction
Bacterial Collforms 95-99.9% Reduction 80-90% Reduction 25-75% Reduction
Heavy Metals 93-99% Reduction 80% Reduction 0-25% Reduction
In addition to above chart, typical removal efficiencies for Fat, Oil, Grease (FOG): 83-99% reduction Water from Sludge: 50-80% reduction Phosphates: 80-90% reduction